3 Common Causes of Drywall Damage

Have you noticed that your drywall is looking a bit scuffed or has holes in it? They may have seemed to appear out of nowhere, but this damage has a root cause that you should figure out before doing any home improvements or rearranging furniture. Let’s discuss some of the common causes of drywall damage in homes.

Popping Nails

When a nail is not set securely in the center of a stud of a joist, the nail can begin to pop and penetrate the drywall. It’s not a good idea to try to nail it back in with a hammer, though, as this can further damage the wall and it doesn’t prevent the nail from coming back out in the future. A professional can make sure that the nail is secure so that it doesn’t pop out again.

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Furniture Scuffs

Your furniture can cause scuff marks on the walls and can be there even before you’ve moved into a home. Scuffs are usually minor and look like stains from pencils or markers. You can try to avoid scuffs by keeping large furniture from rubbing against walls. If you find that you have scuffs in the walls of your home, consider drywall repair cranston professionals provide to get your walls looking as good as new.

Small Holes

Small holes in walls can be caused by numerous things, including doors that swing open a bit too hard. If this is the cause of holes, you can have a repairman install a backing plate on the wall to keep the door knob from hitting it. They can also repair holes in the drywall, keeping your walls looking good.

These are minor common problems with drywall, but you should keep an eye out for problems that indicate water damage such as cracking, warping, changes in color, or mold.