Creating A Perfect Living Space

When we purchase our homes we do so in the hopes that people will come and visit, spend time with us and really allow us to show off our accomplishments in life.  When we invite a guest into our homes we want to have a specific place where they can go and relax and be entertained.  One popular option that is becoming available is outdoor living rooms.  With this popular trend, outdoor living room design lexington ky is a great place to see what options are available.

The layout

You want to fist consider your layout.  With the layout of your room you want to be able to see everything and everyone.  You want it to be open enough so that you don’t feel closed in as well as small enough to be intimate.

The layout should encourage social interaction but don’t feel as everyone is on top of everyone else.  You want to have elbow room as well as breathing room.


You want to have warm and inviting colors.  The look in colors should be delightful to the eyes as well as compliment the rest of the space.  If the color clash or are offensive, then people will not enjoy the space.

outdoor living room design lexington ky


Comfort is also very important.  When looking at a living room we tend to look at couches, fluffy chairs and ample space to stretch out.  If your space is not comfortable then people will tend to gravitate away from it or tend to avoid the situation all together. 


You want something that is easy to maintain and upkeep.  If you have a spill you don’t want it to stain or cause damage.  You want your fabric to be indoor / outdoor compliant and uphold to all sorts of weather. 

When it comes to designing your room these are just a few suggestions that you will want to take under consideration.  Happy creating!