Is Print Still a Viable Marketing Solution?

Why are you reading the newspaper? Someone asks you. Isn’t that on its way out?

This is becoming the common consensus among people who think the digital world is taking over everything. It is true that digital solutions are taking over all kinds of businesses, and it couldn’t be more true than in the world of advertising and marketing, where people are taking advantage of Facebook Ads and Google Ads more than they are taking out ads in newspapers or making signage.

If you’re a business owner looking to get started on your next marketing campaign, don’t count out physical print options when you think about advertising strategies. Remember, print isn’t dead, and there are plenty of places ready to help you with all of your printing services near me needs.

Why You Should Still Consider Print

Just because you see everyone on their smartphones and tablets these days, you shouldn’t be thinking that print advertising is completely dead. Yes, we see ads taking over our digital lives, but that doesn’t mean that advertising exists only in the digital domain.

Physical, print advertising is still very effective. Here are a few reasons that print marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon:

·    Print marketing is cheaper overall

While you might have to pay a little bit initially depending on how much print marketing material you are having made, print marketing is often cheaper than digital marketing campaigns. You can buy a big sign or a billboard and put it up way longer than you could pay Google or Facebook to show people your ad every day.

·    Print sticks out more

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People are inundated with ads on their phone displays every day. Make your message stick out with a unique print display, and make it something people don’t see every day. A quality print ad simply sticks out more.

·    There are all kinds of print ads

You can customize your message with print, too. Signage, brochures, billboards, newspaper ads, you have plenty of choices of how you’d like to get your message out there to make it stick out a little more.

Print has been around for so long exactly because of how effective it is. While digital marketing is only going to keep getting bigger as our lives keep growing more and more connected and online, print marketing is going to be sticking around for a long time to come.