The Process Of Extracting A Tooth

The thought of having a tooth pulled is one that sends shivers down our spines.  The through of someone ripping a tooth from our mouth makes us want to avoid the dentist like a childhood nightmare.  However, there are going to be times when we need to enlist the services of a dentist.  When we do this, we are going to have the proper oral care that we need to make us feel better.

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When it comes to tooth extraction fort collins, it is a process in which the dentist will remove the infected, broken or otherwise damaged tooth so that the pain is no longer present. This process is fairly simple but can take a little while to complete.  Here is the overall process.


The first step is to take x-rays.  When we take x-rays we are getting a picture of our mouth and the inner workings of our teeth and mouth.  Once the x-ray is examined the dentist will know the steps that are needed in order to fix your issues.


The next step in the process is to numb your mouth and teeth.  At the end of our teeth are nerves.  These nerves if stimulated will send shooting pains throughout your mouth.  In many cases this pain can be so bad that it will cripple us.  For this reason, dentists will numb the area with nova cane or other pain killers to help us not feel the tooth or teeth being removed.


Another thing that the dentist will do is shoot us with antibodies.  These antibodies will help keep us safe from infections.  Our mouth is filled with so many germs and bacteria that we can have an increased chance of infection when pulling teeth.

Finally, the dentist will use his tools to remove the tooth from our mouth.  This will basically be pulling the tooth with a pair of grippers or plyers. 

Once done, you will need to have some paid medications and possibly other medications.  After a few days you will start to feel better and your mouth will heal.